Facebook Reality Labs
Internship - AR

Facebook Reality Labs

Internship - AR
UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping

During my time at Facebook Reality Labs, I worked on their upcoming Augmented Reality Glasses project. The project is under NDA so I am unable to share the details of my work but I would love to share my experience during this internship.


Throughout the first half of my internship, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about Facebook, Facebook Reality Labs, and Orion. There have been plenty of helpful orientation sessions, Design Camp classes, and AR/VR training lessons. Amidst the sea of orientation material, introductory 1:1s, meetings, and live streams, I managed to get myself up to speed with the team and the product to make more informed design decisions in my work.

Internship Highlights

Some key highlights of my internship till now include:

  • Getting to know everyone in the team as well as fellow interns across FRL and cross-functioning teams.
  • Brainstorming and identifying opportunities for new interaction models and features.
  • Established the basic functionalities while staying aligned with the hardware limitations identified by other designers and the engineering team.
  • Building scenarios to validate problem statements and find user needs.
  • Prototyping UX flows for the identified functionalities and getting feedback.
  • Attending my first Q&A with Mark and My team's All Hands


Due to the project being under NDA I cannot share it's details but here are some resources that are public knowledge and will give you an insight into what I worked on during my internship.


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