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Ray-Ban Stories - Spotify Tap

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Audio is a clear top feature for over 80% of Ray-Ban Stories weekly active users but only 2% users tried audio their first day. Spotify is the category leading streaming service and Spotify Tap marketing campaigns will let users discover and engage with the audio features on Ray-Ban Stories.

Why Spotify

Spotify is the category leader for music streaming services with 356M users including 158M paid subscribers in 178 markets. As well, Spotify’s global presence aligns well with our 10 Ray-Ban Stories markets - US, CA, UK, AU, IE, IT, FR, ES, AT, and BE.

Use case

Spotify TapTM playback allows you to start playing tunes with a simple tap and hold. Once Spotify Tap is enabled in the Facebook View App, a quick tap and hold on the right temple arm will play Spotify instantly. If you do not like the current track, a simple tap and hold again will play something else generated by Spotify’s recommendation engine.

How it works

Tap and hold (cap-touch) plays curated playlists. If a user taps and holds again, Spotify will play something different for the user.

User experience & Launch Strategy

On release Spotify Tap will have 4 entry-points for users to discover the feature.

  • Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE)
  • Upsell Modal & Interstitial
  • Push Notifications
  • Settings

Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE)

In OOBE, users will be able to learn more about the audio capabilities of Ray-Ban Stories. Spotify Tap was strategically positioned to be an opt-in/educational experience to stay within the context of open-ear audio. The "How it works" section helps users learn about all the interactions they need to use to activate Spotify Tap. It is not a required opt-in and the View App (Companion App for Ray-Ban Stories) has other flows to support Spotify Tap opt-in later.

Upsell Modal & Interstitial

Existing Ray-Ban Stories users will see a marketing modal when they open the app upon Spotify Tap launch. This leads them to the Spotify Tap opt-in interstitial.

Push Notification

When Spotify Tap launches for both iOS and Android, users will get notified via Push Notification as well if they haven't opened their app in a while. If a user does not have Spotify already installed they will be suggested to download it from the App Store/Play Store.


If a user decides to not turn on Spotify Tap via the interstitials upon launch they can always go back to Settings and turn it on later. It stays as a persistent card in the main level of Settings. It can also be accessed in the Music and Sound settings option.

Persistent card in settings

Since the Tap and Hold gesture on the capacitive touch-pad is shared by two functions - Spotify Tap and Facebook Assistant. If a user has the wake word activation, "Hey Facebook", turned off they won't be able to use Facebook Assistant if Spotify Tap is turned on and vice versa. They can always switch between the two options in Settings at their will.

Tap and Hold gesture selection

Improvements from UXR Insights

This project involved close collaborations with UXR, Engineering and a design agency.

  • 1 UXR Study
  • 9 internal participants
  • 60 minute, 1-on-1 sessions

Open-ear Audio Insights


Users were not clear what Open-Ear Audio means and the existing content and animation did not help clarify how it works on the glasses.
There was also a confusion that they can only experience Open-Ear Audio with Spotify App.


Work with content designers on an improved content strategy to make the text scannable and easier to understand.
Support the above with an improved animation - led the effort with SouthSouthWest, a design agency based out of Australia.

Spotify-Tap Insights


Some users were confused/unaware that to use Spotify Tap they needed to perform two sequential steps.
There was also a confusion around the meaning of a “recommended playlist”.


Added a “How it works” step-by-step section to the page to help users understand the sequential tasks.
Created a motion piece to depict how Spotify Tap works visually.

Improved Flow

Launch - Meta Connect 2022

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Meta) and Rocco Basilico (CWO, Essilor Luxxotica) announced Spotify Tap for Ray-Ban Stories at Meta Connect 2022

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