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Meta Reality Labs - Smart Glasses
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Meta Accounts will allow our users to enjoy their Meta Quest and Ray-Ban Stories without needing to login with Facebook account. They will now have more freedom with an expanded choice of Meta apps (Instagram, Facebook) or just the classic Email and Password.


Ray-Ban Stories are the first-generation smart glasses made by Meta in collaboration with Ray-Ban. They feature built-in cameras, open-ear audio, and seamless social sharing. Meta also provides a companion app, Facebook View to help users set-up their glasses, import their captures and share their captures on Social Media. Currently, all users are required to use a Facebook account to sign into Facebook View app and setup their glasses.

At a high-level, a Meta account provides users with:

  1. More flexibility and control with managing their identity
  2. Better shared experiences across the Family of Apps
  3. Freedom to choose email & password to access Reality Lab devices

Benefit for Ray-Ban Stories Users

A Facebook account will not be required to use Ray-Ban Stories or Ray-Ban Stories v2

Facebook View will integrate into the Accounts Center ecosystem

Partnership with Virtual Reality Team

VR launched Meta Accounts in August 2022

Meta accounts are required for all users in the Oculus app

For our June launch, we agreed to allow the Meta Account experiences to diverge where appropriate

We will then unify the experiences post launch later in 2023

Existing Users - Happy Path

User migrates immediately

Delayed Migration

User abandons migration but completes it in X days

Forced factory reset

User doesn’t migrate in X days after creating a Meta account

High Level Overview

Education Deep-Dive

We introduce Meta accounts and encourage users to update their glasses.

Introducing people to Meta accounts and giving them resources to learn more will help them feel more knowledgeable later on

Encouraging users to update firmware ahead of time will help minimize issues during migration.

Meta Account Project Deep-Dive

We will have a basic value prop until further functionality can be built into Accounts Center.

We expect users to still have questions about how a Meta account is good for them until we can bolster the value.

Regulators require setting up with Facebook and email to be equally presented

Migrating users will not see an option to create Meta account with Instagram but users can always link their Instagram later in Account Center.

Required legal disclaimer

This disclaimer was design by FX for use across the Family-of-Apps and is non-device specific.

Design Systems

Meta Account experiences will be in XMDS. Smart Glasses experiences will be in Ray-Ban Stories Design System.

The design systems will be visually harmonious for RBS v2 launch when Ban Stories Design System changes into New App Design System.

Migration Deep-Dive

Delaying migration

We don’t block users from accessing their media in gallery. In order to finish migration later, we required users to turn-off their glasses.

New Users - Happy Path

Edge Case

Existing user who hasn’t finished migration

High-Level Overview

New User Deep-Dive

The login screen was our biggest divergence with VR.

VR, Company Access and Smart glasses team worked together to make a cohesive experience across devices

Our design strategy combines log in and create new account on the new screen

This allows us to check if a previous account was created and helps improve duplicate accounts that VR is experiencing

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