The Cam Philharmonic
Augmented Reality

The Cam Philharmonic

Augmented Reality
AR, Prototyping, Speculative Design, Music Production

Introducing The Cam Philharmonic, a musical fiasco that runs a beautifully curated symphony in the background of your zoom calls driven entirely by you.

Your everyday objects, things in your room all inspire each and every sound and note in this performance. It's 2021, we're in a pandemic, and the Zoom fatigue is real. Conversations have become heavily reliant on one-to-one interactions and have lost all senses of their background. Machine learning and Snap have decided to stay at home, do something creative, and help make these Zoom calls more exciting.

Speculated Sample Packs by The Cam Philharmonic

Artist Presence

YouTube Channel will contain music videos, promos/teasers and Zoom event recordings
SoundCloud page will be the home for mixes, sample packs and original production as well as fan-made remixes and collaborations


Personally, my interest lies in consuming and creating music. I want to explore ways in which I can leverage my hobby of creating music as a starting point for finding ways to bring the background to the foreground with the help of music?


The Big Idea - "Grow Up, Kid!"

Computer Vision has existed for a while now (1960-Present) and its time that it grows up and moves beyond giving redundant information to us. Right now, its capable of telling us with enough confidence that the table it is seeing is really a table. What it does not tell us is, what other characteristics does this table possess? How does this table sound when a plastic chair collides with it? Is this table made of wood or something else? It needs to be more creative with its outcomes instead of telling us what we can already see. It’s time the training wheels came off.

Everything around us is made of vibrating atoms and sound itself propagates as a result of vibrations. How can we utilize the property of sound created by objects in our surrounding, by virtue of actions such as object-human contact, object-object contact, falling of objects, etc. to bring the environment into the foreground and create meaningful music.


Initial Prototyping in Lens Studio

Identifying sounds in the environment

Music Production

I created a demo song for the sake of prototyping and performance using everyday objects in my house such as a coffee maker, tea cups, water tumblers, Amazon shipping boxes, etc. I recorded the sounds of these objects using an HQ microphone and then edited them in Audacity. I made a simple beat using FL Studio with these sounds and layering instrumentation over them. Different sounds represented those objects visually being seen by the camera. I divided the beat into 3 layers - Top melody, percussions and drum/bass.

FL Studio Project

Snap Lens

For the demo I decided to create a lens studio which I would use for a live performance on Twitch with the help of objects like a Yeti Tumbler, Coffee Mugs, Photos of Pets, etc. The lens is not designed to shared with the public instead it is a functional layer of anonymity for The Cam Philharmonic. People can inquire for the artist to perform at their Zoom events and the artist will use this lens to perform anonymously.

Snap Lens Studio Project

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